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Vineyards in South Australia

South Australia, Australia

South Australia, Australia wine regionSouth Australia is one of the country's most diverse wine regions, offering a range of climates, topography and soil compositions, allowing winemakers to craft consistent and fresh, fruit-driven wines.

South Australia, found in south Australia, encompasses many smaller sub-regions, including Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra and Riverland. Isolated from the rest of the world, many of the vines in South Australia survived the great phylloxera plagues that destroyed vineyards throughout the rest of the world. These older vineyards are highly prized by Australian winemakers.

The region offers a diverse range of climates, topography and soils. Climates range from the warmer Barossa Valley to the cooler McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills and much hotter Riverland region. The southern part of the region is bordered by the Great Australian Bight, a large open bay leading to the Indian Ocean, with cooling breezes that play a large role in the coastal regions. The climate becomes warmer further inland, with interior regions such as Riverland having a very hot climate.

Soil composition also varies. The southeastern part of the region is referred to as the "Limestone Coast" zone for its limestone that is often covered by 'terra rossaā€¯, a soil made from red clay, creating distinctive red wines. As with the climate, the soils change further inland. Adelaide Hills and Riverland soils are comprised of a limestone-marl whereas the interior Barossa Valley features sandy, clay loam soils.

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